Monday, March 28

Colour me crazy


Not exactly a crazy post but a possible name for my dream art supplies line? I was obsessed with Crayola as a kid. Obsessed. I cringed the other day when an old school friend said I was loathe to share my three-tier koki pack. Sounds like I was a bit of a beast! In other non-related news, I finally got the latest issue of Lula and it is dreamy! Do all you other Lula lovers find yourself wanting to tear out every single page? I'm tempted to frame the lot but I also like the idea of building a complete collection. Also pictured above are my Polaroid, new 'granny hangers' and ducks from the SPCA. And wahey, I'm in the April Elle - pale legs and all. A few pics I snapped of other Durban gals also made it in so cheers for that Elle! (You can see the scan here.) Hope Monday goes easy on us all. x

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