Thursday, September 23

An outfit post - circa 1986!

Hi gang! Friday is Heritage Day in South Africa and a bunch of us bloggers are celebratin' with a post about SA history our  fave toys and outfits as kids - ha! I was sure I had a bunch of old pics (including a cracker of me in a lumo tiered frock) as scanned digitals but I could only find these pre-school pics which someone had put on Facebook. You think you've hidden the evidence of your youth away and then it surfaces on FB twenty years later! I'm guilty of doing this to my mates as well but I've since pulled those relics down. (Tracy, are we cool after the 'cheese curl stuffing' pic?)


My style definitely peaked in pre-school - it's been downhill since my mother stopped dressing me! Although to my credit, I apparently wouldn't leave the house unless I was 'matcha' ie: matched to the extreme! See exhibit A in the first pic. That was probably the last time I could ever pull of tartan slacks. Looks like I was going for 'T-Shirt Tassle Chic' in the second one. Loving the red and white dress on the gal beside me - can someone make these outfits in adult sizes!? Moving onto toys now. I have vivid memories of popping plastic toast out my mini-toaster (not much changed there except I've upgraded to Albany!) and wheeling a Fisher Price phone behind me (old habits die hard) but if forced to choose, I think my favourite toy was probably my Fisher Price record player which still miraculously works. Do they still make toys as hardy as that? My mom has saved it for me so that I can give it to my nippers one day. They'll probably be like, 'What the heck is a record?' Fisher Price will probably be making mini plastic iPods if they're not already. Actually, I think I just described iPods as they already are. Anyway, I'll also be celebrating by sleeping in and watching The Office heading out into the scenic country and soaking up some of that sunny SA weather!

I wish my fellow Saffers a Happy Heritage Day in advance! Check out the other blog posts on this theme on these great blogs: Fable Fairy, Bobbylicious , Gorilla is my friend , Kiss This Twice , Lucky Pony, Embracing Style, Cookie Jar, Farm Girl.Thanks to Fable Fairy for cooking up such a fun idea!
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