Tuesday, September 21

Cape Town Pastels

Hi guys! Thanks for indulging me with these Cape Town posts. If you live in CT or have visited before, then I know I'm preaching to the converted but if you haven't (and at the risk of sounding like a travel agent!) I highly recommend you consider CT  for a future holiday. The city has so much to offer from leafy suburbs and magical forests to sparkly beaches and a bustly city. There are cute cafes, snazzy cocktail bars and vintage-a-plenty. All this nestles below Table Mountain which is just beautiful! I'm amazed that Capetownians get to wake up to that mountain every day. It is so special, especially when there's a misty blanket on top! Fortunately CT is only a two hour flight from Durbs. Thanks again for sharing in the Cape memories with me and for posting such kind comments. x

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