Sunday, April 27

An Autumn Date

Tall One and I went on a leaf-crunching date to the Animal Yard today! Also, Saffers, isn't this just the best year for public holidays? I am loving these long weekends. x
PS: 'Scuse the dress wrinkles. Ironing is not my strong point. 
  photo IMG_7758.jpg photo IMG_7780.jpg photo IMG_7865.jpg photo IMG_7792.jpg photo IMG_7807.jpg photo IMG_7722.jpg photo IMG_7786.jpg photo IMG_7743.jpg photo IMG_7820.jpg photo IMG_7728-1.jpg photo IMG_7842.jpg photo IMG_7857.jpg photo IMG_7846.jpg photo IMG_7840.jpg photo IMG_7867.jpg photo IMG_7878.jpg photo IMG_7870.jpg photo IMG_7767-1.jpg
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