Monday, May 5

Weekend Away at Solitude

Tall One and I have just returned from the most awesome weekend away in the Midlands! If you've been reading Gloss for a while, you'll that my dream is to live in a little double story cottage one day. So, I couldn't believe it when Jon's fam showed me pics of a place they'd stayed in which looked like the cottages I've pinned on Pinterest! We booked ourselves in for the first weekend of May when the leaves would be falling from the trees. It was HEAVENLY! Our upstairs bedroom led onto a deck through white, flowy curtains - just like in my dreams! Inside, there were blankets, heaters and a fireplace - this was a bit too much for Jon who prefers to sleep on snow-covered mountain tops but it was wonderful for me as I usually end up hypothermic on these wintery getaways. I wish I could have shown you more pics of our cottage but it was a bit tricky to snap with my lens - you can check out  our little slice of heaven here. On Saturday, we visited Swissland Cheese to see how the baby goats were doing (last year's post lives here) and we also stumbled across an 'Animal Farm' which was more like someone's back yard with a couple 'o crazy creatures wandering around - we kinda felt like we were trespassing! Kerry treated us to an amazing lunch at Sapore (seriously, suuuuuch good pizzas) and the rest of our break was spent chilling, braaing and trying not to fall out of the world's dodgiest row boat. I am one happy, chilled-out panda now. Hope you all had lovely weekends as well? PS: The pic below of Jon in the woods - officially my fave snap of all time! x

 photo IMG_8353.jpg photo IMG_7976.jpg photo IMG_8087.jpg photo IMG_7926.jpg photo IMG_8164.jpg photo IMG_8241.jpg photo IMG_7903.jpg photo IMG_8093.jpg photo IMG_8099.jpg photo IMG_7958.jpg photo IMG_8041.jpg photo IMG_8358.jpg photo IMG_8016.jpg photo IMG_8406.jpg photo IMG_8155.jpg photo IMG_8055.jpg photo IMG_8445-1.jpg photo IMG_8183-1.jpg photo IMG_8443.jpg photo IMG_8515.jpg photo IMG_8461-1.jpg photo IMG_8518.jpg photo IMG_8546.jpg photo IMG_8446.jpg photo IMG_8328.jpg photo IMG_8248.jpg photo IMG_7956-1.jpg photo IMG_8498.jpg photo IMG_8107.jpg photo IMG_8366.jpg photo IMG_8131-1.jpg photo IMG_8360-1.jpg photo IMG_8269.jpg photo IMG_8142.jpg photo IMG_8216.jpg photo IMG_8138.jpg
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