Sunday, May 18

The things I would blog...

Thanks to this blog, I got an awesome job last year - yay! 

Said job is keeping me so busy, I can't find time to scribble the blog anymore. Oi!

Don't get me wrong. I am infinitely grateful my job. 
It has been one of the most exciting - and challenging - adventures I have ever embarked upon.
Plus, it's full of fashiony things you guys would LOVE.

If I weren't so busy werqing, I would blog about:

// my current obsession with all things financial (let's hope job = cottage home one day!)

// the recent regret I experienced when I realised that I hadn't saved a single cent in my twenties (bar a smallish RA which I have since caught up) - if I had put R100 aside every month since 2004, I would have one gabillion jillion rand to my name by now. Well, not quite but ya know how these things go. Compounding interest and all that! I want to write a thousand words about the lessons I've learnt but one day, one day...

// the fact that I'm feeling a bit sad about something personal. Why even blog about it? Because it helps to just punch 'Meh' into Blogger now and then. I'm not one for airing dirty deetz online but I got probz too. One is that I write like a fifteen year old when I'm thirty-one.  Just joshing. Slang for lyfe.

// the new lens I desperately wanna get. I've been holding back from doing shoots regularly because while my nifty fifty is wonderful, it is rather limiting. I'm hoping to save for the lens of my dreams so we can BRING ON THE SHOOTS! 

// the calming force that is Tall One. He is so patient and kind and takes me for Sunday drives when I am feeling shattered and achy with neck pain.

// how I'm always debating whether or not to shut this blog down because I struggle to find time to play here these days - but I can never bring myself to because I know I will go to an animal farm one day and think, "MAN, I wish I could BLOG these cute creatures."

I hope you are well? I miss you guys and that's legit. Not just saying that! x
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