Tuesday, October 22

Under the lemon tree

I went round to visit Jennakins the other day. She shrieked when she saw my new hair colour (bless her cotton socks), ran out the door and BAM - it slammed shut behind her, officially locking us outside! I had planned to snap some shots of Jenna but all her bits and pieces were locked inside so she snapped a few of yours truly, posing awkwardly with the lemons. I am totally killing the floral crown trend but I'm ok with it - I've been waiting for it to be socially acceptable to wear these things in public since I was five years old. Also, I haven't quite outgrown my goth phase. x

 photo IMG_2202.jpg photo IMG_2254.jpg photo IMG_2245.jpg photo IMG_2290-1.jpg photo IMG_2302.jpg photo IMG_2414.jpg photo IMG_2250.jpg photo IMG_2291.jpg photo IMG_2301.jpg photo IMG_2211.jpg photo IMG_2306.jpg photo IMG_2255.jpg photo IMG_2223.jpg
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