Monday, October 21

Stationery Surprise!

On Monday, I arrived at work to find a box of stamps and a pack of stationery on my desk! Thank you so much Lisa! I love it all to bits. The pack also included some hot pink tickets and a silver pencil which live on my desk at work. Imagine kicking off every Monday with new stationery!? You'll also spot a few bits from Typo and tape from Washibug which I bagged the other day.  x  PS: Check back here later today for a giveaway!

 photo IMG_2547.jpg photo IMG_2648-2.jpg photo IMG_2597.jpg photo IMG_2626.jpg photo IMG_2608.jpg photo IMG_2651.jpg photo IMG_2536.jpg photo IMG_2558.jpg photo IMG_2611.jpg photo IMG_2622.jpg
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