Wednesday, March 19

In the forest with Caryn

Guys - I want you to meet Jon's step-sister Caryn.
I met her last year at a family wedding and I loved her immediately! 
As ya can see, she's a bit of a free-spirit with a rock and roll edge! Caryn wanted to say goodbye to her wedding dress as she is beginning a new chapter in her life. So we took her through the forest and then dunked her in the dam! These are just a few shots out of 700 (!!!) x
   photo IMG_6725.jpg photo IMG_6402.jpg photo IMG_6555.jpg photo IMG_6678.jpg photo IMG_6783.jpg photo IMG_6559.jpg photo IMG_6930.jpg photo IMG_6948.jpg photo IMG_6515-2.jpg photo IMG_6702-2.jpg photo IMG_6540.jpg photo IMG_6403-2.jpg photo IMG_6669.jpg photo IMG_7008.jpg photo IMG_6863.jpg photo IMG_6721-1.jpg photo IMG_7013.jpg photo IMG_6932.jpg
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