Tuesday, January 3

New Year's Eve

I used to LOVE New Year's Eve when I was younger. My friends and I would traditionally jump in my parent's pool at the stroke of midnight while blasting the Macarena. Eeesh! But since everyone has been scattered around the world over the past few years, I've tended to do low-key NY's. I found out that Nads usually also does something chilled but she suggested we just lower our grand NYE expectations and go out for drinks like we would any other night. After I had repackaged my thinking, I was like, 'Yes, let's do this!' So we went to a bar called Amsterdam and it was the most loltastic night ever. We had bought glitter canons and sparklers which I think the crowd appreciated! Trust us bloggers to bring props to the bar. Nadia - thank you for encouraging me to go out and an extra special thanks for bouncing about to Audioslave and Metallica with me - was totally epic! 

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