Thursday, January 5

'So little time to get the right words out'


Lols at the dinosaur!

There are no words to describe how much I love this song! Saffers, I know I am late to Aking but man, I am catching up quick I hope. I always thought Aking were a South African hip-hop band - I dunno - something about the name! Haha, sorry Aking. But then Bobby declared her undying love for them on her blog and seeing as her and I have identical taste in so many things, I thought, 'must make an effort to hear this band.' Then they came to Durbs the other day and the gig was rad but I was too pre-occupied with getting gum off my dress - maddening and embarrassing! Then a mate of mine gave me their first album and I've fallen head over heels completely in love with it. It feels so good to just LOVE a local band again. Ah, this song is so lovely. Give it a spin if you fancy! x

PS: The lyrics are "I'm in love and I'm tamed" - not, "I'm in love with duct tape" ala Lauren version!
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