Thursday, June 4

Cape Town with Mama Gloss!

Mama Gloss and I are back from Cape Town! It had been seven years since we'd been on a girls holiday and it felt like the right time to go on an adventure again. We'd both been dying to visit Cape Town so off we went for four days of chilling, flat-whiting and shoppin'! Now, I love Durban to bits but man, Cape Town is off the chain. I am always floored by how scenic it is. And everyone was so friendly from the car guards to the er, concierge! My old hairdresser who is now a travel agent scored us an epic hotel deal and I kept saying, "Grief, this is how the Kardashians must live everyday!" I'd never had anyone cart around my suitcase before or bring me up tea at strange hours so it felt like a real treat. Oh ya, can we also talk about the fact that there is a GIANT mountain overlooking this city? Every time I go to Cape Town, all I can say is "the mountain, the mountain, there's a giant mountain here." Cape Townians get the best malls, the swishest beaches and a huge-a$$ mountain! Lucky sods! I tried to convince Tall One to come with me too at one point by luring him with a mountain to climb but the boy just wants his ridiculously tall and freezing Drakensberg peaks. Well, hope ya'll have a happy Thorsday! x

 photo IMG_7050-2.jpg photo IMG_7186-2.jpg photo IMG_7482-2.jpg photo IMG_7341-2.jpg photo IMG_7848-2.jpg photo IMG_7165-2.jpg photo IMG_7340-2.jpg photo IMG_7216-2.jpg photo IMG_7355-2.jpg photo IMG_7235-2.jpg photo IMG_7360-2.jpg photo IMG_7258-2.jpg photo IMG_7269-2.jpg photo IMG_7302-2.jpg photo IMG_7265-2.jpg photo IMG_7310-2.jpg photo IMG_7853-2.jpg photo IMG_7464-2.jpg photo IMG_7404-2.jpg photo IMG_7376-2.jpg photo IMG_7835-2.jpg photo IMG_7807-2.jpg photo IMG_7814-2.jpg photo IMG_7441-2.jpg photo IMG_7837-2.jpg photo IMG_7811-2.jpg photo IMG_7420-2.jpg photo IMG_7495-2.jpg photo IMG_7188-2.jpg photo IMG_7822-2.jpg photo IMG_7845-2.jpg photo IMG_7349-2.jpg photo IMG_7255-2.jpg photo IMG_7859-2.jpg photo IMG_7825-2.jpg photo IMG_7391-2.jpg photo IMG_7862-2.jpg photo IMG_7644-2.jpg photo IMG_7719-2.jpg photo IMG_7754-2.jpg photo IMG_7606-2.jpg
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