Tuesday, February 23

WIN a book by commenting on this post!

I’m super excited to announce the first ever Glossary Giveaway! How do you fancy winning a fantastic SA cookbook called Life’s a Beach Cottage: Second Helping?

It’s packed with mouth-watering photographs and delicious recipes like ‘The Best T-Bone Steak in the World’ and ‘Brown Sugar Meringues with Lemon Curd and Cinnamon – nom! The clever chef behind the pages is Neil Roake, the Durban based food editor of House and Leisure Mag and Creative Director of Modern Museum ad agency.

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post along with your email address so that I can contact you if you win. Tell me anything you like…why you want to win, what you ate for breakfast, how many times you really watched Twilight. The contest runs for a week & the winner will be chosen at random on the 3rd of March.

One little note - the giveaway is only open to those of you who live in South Africa. I just don’t have enough in my piggy bank to ship overseas. Sorry.

Now you local lads and lasses best get commenting. Good luck!

PS: Thanks to all you who left such interesting, lengthy comments on this post about South African Style. If you missed it, please feel free join the conversation. x



Roule said...

such a great book. I really love the illustrations and hand lettering.
very very pretty.
please can i have it?

Liz said...

Lovely book, I don't suppose us in Namibialand qualify? :)

ngobese said...

ok, i need to win this book to expand my collection of (relevant) recipe books.
i had corn flakes for breakfast :) and i dont watch tv - sorry.

my email address: mpumen@ywood.co.za


emjay said...

Ooh this book looks such a delight!

My boyfriend and I luuurve cooking,,this would do us well :)

Pretty pretty peas..I mean please x

angie said...

i'm really trying to learn how to cook like a lady. so this book would really really help me look fancy when i bring grilled prawn surprise to the dinner table.

please help :)


JoJo said...

i love cooking.
i'd love to add this beauty to my collection too!

Mel said...

This cook book would definitely change my life. It would help change 'monday pie night', and 'tuesday woolworths salad nigh't into 'amazing meal prepared by Mel night'.

Yes. Please.

Lady Times said...

WOOO-O, Sweet Mother of Pearl! So pretty beautiful lovely. I am horrid in the kitchen with out a recipe to follow. I generally burn the chops or bugger the sauce. I would love this cook book so I can have most delicious dinners ready for Mr. Potta when he arrives home after a long days work. Normally he has to cook and he only gets home around seven (where as I get home at 17:05) or he has to be happy with eggs and bacon, cupcakes or toast. Poor Gary. Help me be a good girlfriend PLEASE! It's a need not a want. Yes.

I had yoghurt & coffee for breakfast and I have lost count of how many times I've watched Twilight. Sad but true.

Milla said...

I'd love to learn more about cooking! I'm not the best chef in town :)

Emma-Jane said...

ahh!! this book looks soo lovely!! I always pick up 'life's a beach cottage' when i go into 'the space'.. eek. i didnt even know there was a second one! :)

I desperately need new recipes :) :) :) pick me! please!

Miss Molly said...

i love food very much but sadly do not belong in the kitchen!! am sure with a little help i could get better :)
breakfast - 1 x biscuit and 1 x cup of tea! (i know shocking)

Lauren said...

Haha, you guys crack me up! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one whose 'cooking' toast for dinner. I'm enjoying reading about your breakfasts too!

c@th said...

Frankly, I need to move beyond the wonder of toasties and pasta bakes...beyond the muffins and cookies Cam and I bake on sundays...

I wanna win it because I really need new ideas to keep my reputation as DomestiCath in the kitchen up high!


(seriously, i really need to learn to cook SOMETHING new. gotta keep old PostitBoy's tummy full. wah)

jasapple said...

Cookbook is like any woman's clothes...we never complain we have too many of them!

Lauren said...

Heehee! I wish I could give everyone cookbooks, these comments are so cute. x

Freshly Found said...

Great idea to do a give-away! Neil's book could bring some much needed life into my cooking!

Maria Ana said...

Pick me:)

Great book, I'm inspired!

Ana Nicole said...

Awesome and yummy, would love to have a copy.
Pick me....

Anonymous said...

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