Monday, December 31

Ribbons, Roses and a Birthday Wish

It's New Years Eve. Has this year flown by for you too? I remember last year's summer like it was yesterday. I can give or take New Year's Eve but this year, I'm taking it with some my best friends from highschool. We're off to a house party and I'm hoping to give the 60D video setting a bash! This is probably the last time I'll see these girls for a long while so I am going to cherish every second with them. I also want to wish Bridget a very happy birthday! She turns thirty at the stroke of midnight! I wish you could be with us Braja but we'll be toasting you and hopefully Skyping with you later. I'm sending you great big hugs from South Africa. And to you guys...may love and laughter chase you down in the new year. These pics are from my market outing with Cath the other day. x
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