Sunday, February 23

Visiting le creatures!

We all know this blog has basically degenerated evolved into a shrine for animals! So without further adieu...there is a park with creatures nearby me so we went to visit them yesterday. FYI, most of the animals were in cages so they were pretty much impossible to photograph. On a completely unrelated side note, I went through my old blog posts and labelled them a bit better incase anyone does wanna dig back into the archives of cringe. I kinda miss those cheezer outfit posts I used to do but the thought of asking Tall One to snap them - I think I might need to chuck back a tequila first. x

 photo IMG_5486-1.jpg photo IMG_5573.jpg
 photo IMG_5583.jpg photo IMG_5503.jpg photo IMG_5584.jpg photo IMG_5540.jpg photo IMG_5591.jpg photo IMG_5547.jpg photo IMG_5577.jpg photo IMG_5598.jpg photo IMG_5419.jpg photo IMG_5596.jpg photo IMG_5484-1.jpg photo IMG_5518.jpg
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