Monday, February 10

Becoming Zen Dog: How I got organised!

Morning, friends. I thought I'd blog my new little organisational system seeing as this is as riveting as life gets at the mo! Also, I LOVE seeing how other people organise their stuff. I tend to channel all my organisational energy into work stuff and abandon after-hours to-do's that are kinda dull like "call the fridge guy." Or, when I do make a personal to-do list, it ends up lost on a post-it or muddled up with my work to-do's. The other day I wondered into Typo and decided "I WILL BECOME ORGANISED IN ALL SPHERES OF LIFE." Read: This is a great excuse to buy some more stationery! Now, I don't have the four million responsibilities that go along with having kids and a household to run so my system is pretty basic.

1 / The first book you see below? That's a thick bad boy! I write all my work to-do's in there along with my creative briefs. The pages have sections for dates so I can record what was briefed when!
2 / I write all my copy ideas (I scribble ads and web stuff for a living) in my A4 notebooks. Those are literally just a mess of thoughts and ideas.
3 / I got an A5 diary which lays out a week at a glance. I prefer that because I can quickly see what I need to do from Monday to Sunday without flipping through pages. There's just enough space to record my daily personal to-do's like "Get groceries," and "Fix the freezer" - funsies!
4 / I use those pretty tabbed folders at home and at work. My work ones store my current creative briefs and work in progress while my home ones store bills that need to be paid etc
5 / Not pictured but equally awesome - I got a cute little magnetised shopping list for my fridge and now the system is complete!

It's as simple as that - but it's working! Hope that was of some vague interest to someone! x

 photo IMG_5318-1.jpg photo IMG_5329.jpg photo IMG_5394.jpg photo IMG_5360.jpg photo IMG_5321.jpg photo IMG_5340.jpg photo IMG_5351.jpg photo IMG_5335-1.jpg photo IMG_5331.jpg photo IMG_5370.jpg photo IMG_5384.jpg photo IMG_5355.jpg photo IMG_5367.jpg photo IMG_5404.jpg
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