Sunday, August 24

Shaun and Jacqui are having a girl

Today, I headed to the park with Jon's step-bro Shaun, his wife Jacqui and their son, Joshua to snap some pics because Jacs is preggers with a little girl! How happy do they look? Warms my heart I tells ya. Oh and you may have gathered that Tall One has a lotta family members with more being born all the time :D I had so much fun snapping these guys and I can't wait to meet the new arrival. x

 photo IMG_0381.jpg photo IMG_0774.jpg photo IMG_0655-2.jpg photo IMG_0417.jpg photo IMG_0780.jpg photo IMG_0517.jpg photo IMG_0648-3.jpg photo IMG_0576.jpg photo IMG_0723.jpg photo IMG_0414.jpg photo IMG_0564.jpg photo IMG_0625.jpg photo IMG_0721.jpg photo IMG_0597.jpg photo IMG_0343.jpg photo IMG_0756.jpg photo IMG_0343.jpg photo IMG_0585.jpg photo IMG_0484.jpg photo IMG_0408.jpg photo IMG_0734-2.jpg photo IMG_0357.jpg photo IMG_0386.jpg photo IMG_0706.jpg
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