Monday, August 18

Chilling out in Champagne Valley

This blog post is coming to you live from my toasty bed in the mountains! Jon's folks invited us to spend a few days at their timeshare in the 'Berg and it has been awesummmm. We walked through a fairy forest, chilled beside a waterfall, met some baboons, visited the local bakery, cooked a potjie and watched this movie called Captain Phillips which was flippen epic. Plus, we had cell phone signal! I'm all about the nature but throw in some telly and a spot of blogging and I am one happy panda! Jon has been coming here for the last ten years so it's been lovely to be a part of their annual adventure. I gotta hit the hay now because there's talk of waffles and shopping for tomorrow! Hope Monday was good to you? Sitting in a grotto this morning on a Monday felt surreal! x

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