Sunday, February 26

Saturday Mornin' Finds

I had this weekend (almost) all to myself! Just got a few emails to fire off now. On Saturday morning I went thrifting at the SPCA and then I went for an eye test afterwards. I'm so excited to get specs again! Hello hipster 101 - haha! I lost my first and only pair during my move back from London to SA. Specsavers are gonna make me the frames that I fancy - can't wait. Here's a few goodies I bought on sunny Saturday morning. I just love that these beautiful things live in dusty old shops in the hills of Kloof. x

A record I bought for my friend Candi. She has framed record covers on her walls and it looks awesome. Cands is a designer and I thought she'd love the typeface on this classic soundtrack.


A pretty pink record for Nadia - the fairest lady I know. With it's own card to write a message - how epic is that!?


Another pony book to add to my collection. I really just buy these because I love the sweet covers.


A swan and a family of owls to live on my new desk at work.


I've been wanting an embroidered piece for ages. The colours of this caught my eye but when I looked closer, I realised this was made for somebody's baby daughter. Wondered how it had found it's way from a bedroom wall to a cluttered charity shop. But I will care for it now. I took the fabric out the frame, gave it a gentle wash and will re-frame it like this piece.


And that's that. Thanks for reading. x

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