Monday, May 2

Courtney on vinyl

Long time readers will know that I am a huge Courtney Love fan. I know she's lost the plot a bit with the plastic surgery of late (Why Cortels, why? You always looked amazo in my eyes) but I still think she's fab. I always despair when people chuck her in the 'worst-dressed lists,' because Court is above all those ridic lists in my opinion! She coined a style all of her own that wasn't the least bit manufactured. Unlike a certain Taylor Momsen! But anyway...a few years ago, I was having a rummage around a record stand in Camden Market, when I came across this bubble gum pink vinyl of Courtney's single, 'Mono.' I would never have found something like this in Durbs, so I was over the moon when I spotted it. It's been sitting in a box and I finally got around to framing it because I want to look at it everyday. Hope fellow Courtney fans will get a kick out of it too. x

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