Tuesday, May 3

I'm kind of a walking ice-cream

Yes. Well. Bubble gum colours a-go-go! I saw this dress hanging on the rails at the SPCA a while ago but the waist was rather large so I never bought it. On Saturday, I decided, heck, it's only R15, I'll buy it anyway and hang it on the wall 'cuz I just love the colours so much. Anyway, I got home, tried it on for fun and discovered that if I fold it over and belt the life out of it, I can actually wear it! Almost all the dresses I've thrited are too big on the waist but this old H&M belt comes in really handy for such frocks. Also shot my first roll with the Diana Dreamer - praying the pics come out ok!


This little getup was featured on the Mr Price blog today - cheers Mr P!
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