Tuesday, June 14

Mulberry Alexa Knock-Offs spotted!

Remember when the Mulberry Alexa was launched and bloggers/handbag lovers the worldwide went nuts for it? That was at least a year ago, if not longer. I'm not a big 'bag person' but that bag - 'Now that is a fine piece of handbagery,' I thought. I've been keeping my eye out for local knock-offs all this time and FINALLY they have arrived. My friend, Lauren, even called me the other day to say, 'Lauren - I have seen 'the bag.' What a pal. Woolies and The Hub both have 'replicas' in store at the mo but funnily enough, the Woolies version (R199) is cheaper than the Hub's (R219). I'm surprised it took so long for the knock-offs to appear after the original became such a cult hit over night. And as for boater hats, they'll probably only arrive in SA in 2022! Speaking of clothes and the like, Milady's currently have a black pleated skirt in store. It's such a mission to find non pencil/fishtail skirts in this country so I thought I'd share that little nugget with you. These aren't sponsored mentions (lols at the thought) - I just believe in shopping karma!


Carrie, Sandra, Alix and Elsa with their Mulberrys. Ah, to behold the real deal. If Google is to be trusted, the top pic is also the real deal. My eyes are untrained in the ways of designer fashion.

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