Thursday, June 9

Best brekkie ever!

A quick note before I dive into today's ramblings: I duffed the link to Skelkids Facebook Page yesterday. To 'like' 'em on the book of faces - click here!


Sweet, sweet delight, look what's opened up in Durbs! For the past few weeks, I have been drooling over the frozen yoghurt posts that have been popping up on the American and British blogs. Everytime I saw a creamy punnet stuffed with jelly babies, I would wince at the screen, thinking 'Why can't we get some of that sugary goodness here in Durban?' I even went as far as to create my own with shop-bought stuff but it wasn't the same. Then lo and behold, I was driving down Florida Road and saw that a Frozen Yoghurt bar called Wakaberry had sprung up in our very own town!! So that was it - Sunday brekkie was Frozen Yoghurt although I went a bit nuts with the flavours and toppings - I think I was just excited to use the self-serve machine. There's also a playroom for kiddies, or adults in our case. So if you live in Durbs, and fancy something different, head on down to Wakaberry and give it a swirl! Ha, I am cheese personified sometimesall the time.
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