Wednesday, June 22

Ruff Tung and other VDJ faves. Yup, back that soon!

Ungrinding the halt! It's pretty much a guarantee that when I say, I'm taking a blogging break, I will be back the very next day, nay the same day! I write those posts at 11pm when I'm staring at a mental to-do list and wandering how the frig I'm gonna squeeze blogging in. Anyway, I quickly wanted to bung up these official July fashion pics which went up on the Facebook page today. Wanted to show you the Rufftung stuff I was talking about the other day. Also loved the Jester getup and Queen of Hearts look although can't remember who the designers were. Don't know who the stylist and photographer was either. Great research there Lauren! Some really fine reporting.


Know who shot and designed this lot? I'll happily link 'em up:) Rufftung on FB here.
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