Monday, August 19

Smitten with my new business cards

Business cards are...the business. I recently received my first bundle of freshly-printed Smitten cards and I love 'em! After overwhelming myself with a ton of reference, I ended up designing something super simple. So far, I have only handed three out. To friends. But that's ok. I kind of just like looking at them on my desk! They're a good motivator to turn Smitten into an actual business one day. I only have to save up about forty gazillion rand to afford all the gear I need but give me time, give me time. x

 photo IMG_8600-1.jpg photo IMG_8537-2.jpg photo IMG_8601-3.jpg photo IMG_8557.jpg photo IMG_8527-1.jpg photo IMG_8569-1.jpg photo IMG_8670-2.jpg photo IMG_8588.jpg photo IMG_8516.jpg
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