Saturday, August 24

Ribbons, Buttons and Cottons

The antibiotics are kicking in and I got some energy back today. So long tonsillitis - it's been real. I've been cooped up at home for 6 days and I've pretty much just been napping the whole time. But today I managed to pick up le camera and snap a few random things - think I might make some gift tags in bed. I told the tall one I feel like being crafty. He said that sounded ambiguous. Ha. x

 photo IMG_9182.jpg photo IMG_9163.jpg photo 1-2.jpg photo IMG_9077.jpg photo IMG_9229.jpg photo IMG_9216.jpg photo IMG_9185.jpg photo IMG_9027.jpg photo IMG_9133.jpg photo IMG_9123.jpg photo IMG_9154.jpg photo IMG_9209.jpg photo IMG_9246.jpg photo 2-3.jpg photo IMG_9149.jpg
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