Tuesday, August 17

My top 3 picks for Spring

Hey hey! Cheers for all your wonderful comments on my previous post. You guys are so encouragin'! Last week I blogged my Spring Picks over at Style Scoop but today I was thinking, 'Lauren, if you could buy only three things for spring, what would they be?' Well, I whittled done my picks to three pieces and these are the bloggers who inspired 'em!


The Boater Hat
I have seen some straw hats in store but none of the classic boater style. If you see any, please let me know! I have worn my straw trilby to death and I think the boater style is such a cute update. Inspiration: Mademoiselle Robot

Cats-Eyes Tortiose-Shell Sunglasses
Ever since I saw Carrie donning some, I've been wishing for a pair myself. They look like they'll go with everything! My budget doesn't allow for designer sunnies so I'm gonna check out Spitfire soon. Inspiration: Wishwishwish

Pastel, cotton dress
Simple cotton dresses are surprisingly hard to find or perhaps it's just me? I think this is the sort of thing you might find at Hilton Weiner or Vertigo. Elsa has such an amazing collection of vintage dresses. Inspiration: Elsa Billgren


So those are my three picks and I'd love to hear yours. I really battle to dress in the warmer months so I need all the inspiration I can get. x
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