Monday, August 16

Sunday's Outfit

So this is the white dress I burnt last week! I liked it so much, I bought another one but it pained me to shell out the dosh. Sorry it's glowing white, my pics came out over exposed again - must try wake up before noon on the weekends! I haven't done that many outfit posts because as much as I love the internet, I'm also quite terrified of it! Sometimes I'll peruse the comments of the most beautiful style blogs and people will say such hectic things! I don't think my fragile ego could stand it but I suppose you can't stop a bit of negativity keep you from doing your thing. I know we're all meant to have good body image but mine is kinda shot since the great weight gain of '07 - '10! Anyway, back to le dress. This is from a range that is stocked at the more random, one off shops in Durbs. I have seen it for R150 at some places but it sells for R100 at Cheeky Gonzales at Windermere Center - random store name - love it! Are you also loving this season's collections of nudes and nauticals? Haha, sounds kinda faulty - nudes and naughty-cals!


Dress Cheeky Gonzales Tights Woolworths Shoes, Headband & Bag Mr Price. PS: It's much easier to vote in the Cosmo Blog Awards now. Clickety click here to vote for Gloss under 'Lifestyle.' Merci!
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