Tuesday, August 31

How to make your blog images fit the width of your post

Every now and then I’ll see someone tweet, ‘How to make your images bigger in Blogger?’ Blogger doesn’t automatically size your images to fit the width of your post area but you can tell Blogger what size to make them! I didn’t know how to do this when I first started blogging and it drove me nuts. I was dead chuffed when I finally stumbled across a solution so thought I’d share it with you. I can’t remember where I found this particular nugget but there are plenty of ‘em scattered around the net.


Step 1
Find out what the width of your post area is. You will find this in your blog’s HTML under 'main-wrapper width' Mine is 540 pixels.

Step 2
Resize your photos to the width of your post area. You can do this with various photo-editing programs from Photoscape to Photoshop. I resize mine to 540 pixels wide.

Step 3
Create an account on a photo-hosting provider. I use Photobucket.

Step 4
Upload your photos to Photobucket. Photobucket will then give you FOUR lines of code per photo – you're after the line of code called HTML CODE.

Step 5
Copy the HTML CODE of your pic and paste it into the window where you write your posts in Blogger. Make sure you’re in ‘EDIT HTML’ mode as opposed to ‘Compose’ mode.

Step 6
Click Preview and Submit and Voila! Your images should fit the width of your blog!

I hope this was of help to someone reading this! If you need me to clarify any bits, please feel free to ask me in a comment. Blog on friends!
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