Thursday, July 29

Thursday Thoughts

Hello gang! Like true Durbanites, a bunch of us have decided to go to the July at the last minute. Despite writing a post about what to the wear the July, I myself have nothing to wear - and it's on Saturday! My floral dresses are simple cotton one's I've worn to death and I know I will feel totally drab in them at the July. I would wear my Miss Molly Skirt but I think I need something longer or looser 'cuz I plan on taking a zillion pics and I want to be able to crouch down on the grass to get shots of turf flying etc. I do have a floral alice band from Mr P but that probably means hundreds of girls will be wearing the same one - irrrk! I'm so tired today, I actually just feel like wearing my new flat brogues on Saturday. Totally unJuly but I will be the plainest albeit comfiest gal there! Speaking of the July, I had my hair cut yesterday and afterwards I had a perusal round the mall. I didn't see a single store merchandising July outfits in their windows. I'm sure there are plenty of girls dashing around at the last minute looking for ideas and I can't imagine why the stores aren't taking advantage of this. Is it just me? Have you seen any obvious July inspiration around town? While my outfit may not be July-worthy, I do plan on photographing everyone else's so expect a mega post next week! 'Till then, have a goodie and see on Saturday if you're going. Fingers crossed it's sunny!


Four pictures from my We Heart It folder. These pics live here, here, here and here.
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