Sunday, July 25

Brogues and the Eiffel

Greetings guys. (Trying to mix up these riveting intros!) I hope you've had a chillaxed weekend? Thank you to all of you who entered the asos giveaway. I so enjoyed reading your comments about where you want to travel. I thought you would probably just enter city names but you told me so much more and I was like, 'Ah, I love my readers!' I wish I could give you plane tickets and shopping vouchers. On Wednesday, I'll be plugging your names into to find a winner so be sure to check back to see if it is YOU! Onto another one of our fave topics - shopping! I recently bagged these cute brogues and Eiffel Tower necklace from Mr Price. I've already worn them three days in a row so a good buy indeed. I'm actually dashing out now in 'em so we'll chat more this week!

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