Wednesday, July 7

Camden Passage

Thank you so much to those of you who nominated me in the Cosmo Awards, I really appreciate your support! (And if you still want to do so, please pop me in the 'Lifestyle Category,' merci!) No more pleas I promise! Gosh, so the weather has been pretty mis here and the internet keeps going on and off - something to do with a gigantic cable under the sea I believe. I haven't had a chance to shoot anything so I thought I'd tell you a bit about one of my favourite places to visit in London. I'm sure Londoners will already be familiar with it but if not, here's a new spot to check out! Camden Passage is a lovely warren of lanes in Angel Islington - not in Camden Town as you may suspect. There are loads of vintage stores, art shops and cute cafes - a total must-see if you love things like that. There is one particularly sweet cafe called the Breakfast Club. My mom and I snuck away there once during the week and it was total heaven! Think freshly squeezed OJ, homemade wedges of cake and lots of kitschy knick-knacks everywhere. The queue to get in on a Saturday morning is long so be sure to get there early. These pics aren't the best but they will give you an idea of how nice this place is. Speaking of fun things, the lovely Lana of Lanaloustyle invited me to do a wish-list on her blog so you can check it out here if you like. Have a great day and chat soon!

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