Monday, July 5

My Miss Molly Skirt (and a favour to ask!)

Hey guys. This is the skirt I won in the Miss Molly giveaway last week. I picked it up from Melissa (aka Miss Molly ) on Saturday and I LOVE it! She's done a super job making it and I just love the floral print - right up my alley, eh? I wanted to wear red lippy with it for a bit of a colour clash but couldn't find my Boots special anywhere this morning. So purple it is. And, I also have a bit of a favour to ask if you don't mind - eeep! I'm under no illusions that I could win something like this but I thought it would be fun to give it a bash anyway. British Cosmo are having their first ever blog awards (if you haven't heard already) and it's open to the whole blogosphere! So if you're a fan of my little 'ol blog, please would you be so kind to nominate Glossary here under the 'Lifestyle' category. I would be SUPER chuffed and eternally grateful if you did! If I could dispense 'Thank You' boxes of Oreos through the screen I would! Merci!

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