Thursday, July 15

My gadget wish-list

Hello guys! (I've noticed I now begin all posts with 'Hello guys!') It's becoming a bit like a 'Dear Diary' - I feel weird not greeting you these days! So I've been enjoying my blogging breather. It's only been three days but it feels like much longer. I was just putting together a gadget wish-list for myself and then I thought, heck why not turn this into a blog post? So here's a "little" summin' until I post the coffee shop pics and the two inty's I've got coming up.

I've never been a gadget girl to be honest. Firstly, I can't afford to keep up to date with the latest tech toys (as us copywriters so cheesily love to call them) and secondly, I'm still getting to grips with the TV remote. I currently use the same old Nokia brick that T-Rex was a fan of because I can never resist those shopping vouchers that come with cheap phone contracts! However, now that I'm hoping for a future filled with styling shoots (fingers crossed), I'll need to check my email on the go and hey, a GPS would be great too. While we're at it, why not throw in a pink GHD because that would be much better than my old black one! Marketing is ambushing me!

I actually tend to avoid conversations about gadgets because they escalate into these intense debates. Example: Nutter 1 "PC's suck!" Nutter 2: "Macs suck worse." Seriously, I've seen these convos go down and they are ridiculous. Apples and PC's are great for different things although you rarely hear a convincing agument about why the one is better than the other. Oooh, this should get the tounges wagging! Shameful confession - I just like Macs because they look cool! Now that's worth paying double for isn't it? :P

Back to my wish-list. While I'm sure my life would tick on perfectly fine without all these gizmos, they sure wouldn't hurt to have, eh? My wildly un-informed picks are as follows with pics below.

Apple Iphone 
Is it a smart phone? Is it an android? What are these things? I find the phone market incredibly confusing. I've simply chosen Apple because I like their designs and the name sticks in my mind. I know there are others like HTC and Nexus something but Apple has dominated my brain space. All that said, I actually just need any old phone that will allow me to text, call, email and connect to the net. A decent battery life is also a plus. (I've heard the smart phones have short-lived batteries.) I need to reseach some cheaper options although man, these new white iPhones look super! Again, with the looks!

Pink GHD
The GHD literally changed my life. One day, I will dedicate a post to this wondrous tool. My hair may be nuked to within an inch of it's life but that's still better than what it was before - utterly crazy! I would quite like a pink one because it's cute. And pink. I know, ridiculous reasoning!

I keep hearing that GPS systems built into phones aren't up to much so I'd like a TomTom or Garmin too help me navigate Durban's new road names.

Apple IPod
I have an old Apple Shuffle which works a treat. I hardly use it in SA (except for a few fleeting trips to the gym) but I used it every day in London on the train. I fancy the Shuffle's bigger brother because hey, it's an iPod - it's a cool thing to have! (Feel like I'm abusing the exclamation mark again.)

Epsom printer/scanner/copier
I just bought a basic HP printer (which is awesome) but I'd also like to be able to scan and copy things to save me the odd trip to Postnet. I've heard the Epsom one is really good and it looks pretty slick.  I could also do without the embarrasment of asking other people to scan my dodgy ID pics.

Apple Macbook
Oh the Macbook. As seen at Vida Cafes nationwide. What is up with Vida and Mac users? If Apple stores sold Vida coffee (and strangely they are next to each other in Gateway), I think the stores might combust from too much 'cool.' I totally get it though, Macbooks are rad and Vida Quatros are addictive. Anyway, I've almost always worked on a MAC in the office but at home, I use an Asus laptop which is super. It wasn't ridiculously expensive, it's very ergonomic and it does everything I need it to - including design stuff. But as much as I love my Asus, a Macbook would be awesome because they just look and are awesome.

I now feel terribly weird after writing this! Like clever marketing campaigns have gotten the better of me! The urge to consume things these days is crazy scary. Anyway, I'm not in a position to be buying any of these goodies right now but I'd still love to hear about the gadgets you can't live without. Which are your faves and which are passing fads in your opinion?

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