Monday, July 12

Maritime Monday

Morning gang! How was your weekend? Did you watch the World Cup final? I'm really bummed it's over! It's been such an amazing time for South Africa and a novelty to see Durban on the telly and in places like the New York Times! Thanks to my pal, Lauren, for sending me the link. I hope all the tourists enjoyed their stay and will return to visit us again. When I wasn't watching soccer, I was buried under a pile of papers, putting the finishing touches on my portfolio. All the printing worked out in the end (1x printer purchased later!) so I'm quite chuffed thats finally sorted. I'm going to meet as many ad agencies and photographers as possible over the next few weeks in hopes of busying myself with some shoots and scribbles. Today, however, I will be playing mini golf and knocking down pins with a very special someone in celebration of his birthday. Happy Birthday B! As soon as a sunny day comes along this week, I'm going to be taking some pics of my favourite coffee shop so stay tuned for that. In the mean time, here are some pics from a little trip we took to the Maritime Museum last weekend. Most of them are ridiculously cropped and don't give you much of an idea of what the museum looks like so consider it a hint of Maritime inspiration! I threw in a few outfit shots for fun. I'm tempted to say 'please excuse the rubbish lighting' but they're just happy snaps really.


Dress Mr Price Earings Cupcake Couture Sunglasses Gift from Nikki (thanks again friend!)
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