Monday, July 19

The Bean Green Coffee Shop

So this is the coffee shop I've been banging on about! Isn't it just wonderful? If you live in Durban, I'm sure you'll be familiar with the lovely Bean Green. I wanted to feature it because it's so rare these days that you encounter such a charming family-run business. It reminds me of something out of a movie - comfy couches, old LP's playing, steam pouring out of the roaster and a sweet red-head pouring coffee behind the wooden counter! I take my hat off to Mel and her dad who lovingly run the Bean Green because it is hard work making all those coffees! I was behind the counter for ten minutes and thought I would have a serious meltdown if I had to juggle that lot and they do it all with big smiles. Well done Bean Green, I wish you many years of happy roasting!


Is the Bean Green also one of your faves? Do you have another coffee shop to recommend? Please feel free to share your faves in a comment.
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