Wednesday, June 16

Blogging, Gem & a Giveaway!

Hey guys, good to know there are some fellow 'Gleeks' among you lot! So tonight I had a rummage through my archives in an attempt to streamline my labels/categories. Oh my word. I have blogged some ridiculous shiz. What a cringe fest some most of it is. This is why I haven't kept a diary since I was 16 - I just can't bare rereading the cheese I scribble down. And crumbs, you'd be forgiven for thinking I have multiple personalities having read through that lot! My mom has often told me I should write like I do in my emails and perhaps I should give that a go. I think it's so cool when bloggers sound like they do in real life and I want to try and write more like I speak. But then again, I speak differently depending on who I'm talking to. Over-analysing! What about you guys? Did your blogging voice/writing style come naturally to you or is it something that's evolved over time? While we're on the topic of 'writing styles,' let me steer you in the direction of a blog which has become one my daily must-reads! Gem writes Gem Fatale's Style Blog, which is filled with cool outfit posts and excellent tips. Gem is British and she writes exactly like she speaks in her videos. I just love her dry, English wit! In fact, it was Gem who inspired me to preen the blog with her latest blogging tips. Oh and incase you missed it, I'm having a cool giveaway especially for my British and European readers this week. Pop over to this post to stand a chance of winning a 50 quid shopping voucher to spend online at Daniel Footwear. Not to shabby, eh? Enter now and say hi to Gem!
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