Thursday, June 17

What I wore: (P)leather and Wool

Hey guys, thanks for your super feedback to the post below. I love hearing your takes on things. I'm glad I didn't bomb the archives into oblivion after all. And a special thanks to those of you that have been enduring my sporadic soccer outbursts on twitter! I still don't have a clue what the rules are but watching the games has been terrific fun. Onto other news, this is my new(ish) scarf for winter. I bagged this bad girl from Woolies and so far it seems to work with most outfits. The jacket is an old faithful from Miss Selfridge. I always think it will never be cold enough to wear it in Durbs but it's pretty chillos at the mo. I've heard it's absolutely icy in the rest of the country. Keep warm ya'll!


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