Monday, January 27

Weekend in the Berg!

Howdy gang! We're back from an awesome weekend in the 'Berg! On Friday night, we arrived to an epic storm which we watched from our balcony overlooking the valley below. When the rain slammed down, we huddled inside and played card games and erm, drank! In the morning, we woke up to sunny skies so we skottled up some scrambies and headed to the dam. Tall One took me for a paddle on the kayak which was amaaaaaaazzzing! In the afternoon, we played tennis, watched rugga and roasted marshies. After a couple more rounds of drinking cards, we headed to the games room for pool and foosball. Then it got a bit outa hand so we'll leave it at that. x

 photo 2635.jpg photo IMG_5144.jpg photo IMG_5008.jpg photo IMG_5052.jpg photo IMG_5117.jpg photo IMG_5091.jpg photo IMG_5096.jpg photo IMG_5064.jpg photo IMG_5131.jpg photo IMG_5121.jpg photo IMG_5106.jpg photo IMG_5020.jpg photo IMG_5092.jpg photo IMG_5061.jpg photo IMG_5054.jpg photo 2670.jpg photo IMG_5066.jpg
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