Wednesday, January 29

Conversations with Tall One

La: Are you making rice with the curry this evening?

Jon: Nah.

La: So are we just gonna have curry with curry?

Jon: I'm making cauliflower rice.

At this point, I proceeded to leap five feet into the air.

La: WHAAAAAAAATTTT!!!?? You are JOKING. JOKING, PANDA. I saw cauliflower rice on instagram the other day and I screenshotted a pic for you. I've been meaning to show you. OMG, I can't believe you're making that. How do you make it? I have been wanting to try that. It's much healthier!! 

Jon: Sweet.

FYI: It tasted AMAZING.
FYI: I can't believe I have a boy to cook me healthy versions of my fave meals when I'm stressed and working late. (I looked a little like this)

And thanks to him, I didn't eat this:

(That's for Friday night) 

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