Friday, January 24

Catch Up!

Word, friends! How are we all? Not a whole lot been going down here but here's a little catch up anyways. After my first week back at work, we went to Inanda Dam for a camp out. After three Savannas, I was like, "Guys, we live in AFRICA. AFRICA, GUYS. AFFFRICA. HOW AWESOME IS THAT??!! There are ZEBRAS here. ZEBRAAAS." Sometimes I get super stoked about the fact that you can drive a few minutes down the road to have sundowners with Zebras.

 photo IMG_4934.jpg photo IMG_4890-1.jpg

Jon drinking a beer. Me instagramming. This shot about sums us up.

 photo IMG_4876.jpg photo IMG_4898-1.jpg photo IMG_4927.jpg

Panda horse! "Om nom nom."

 photo IMG_4874-2.jpg

^^Heart this one to bits^^
Lets me snap zebras when I should be helping to bang tent pegs into the ground. 

 photo IMG_4886-1.jpg
 photo IMG_4884.jpg photo IMG_4894-1.jpg

(Lols at the man in the background. Looks like he has the same hat as Skippy!)

I don't think I mentioned this in my last post but one of my other New Year goals is to try and make each weekend feel like a little holiday. Hence, the Inanda getaway. Then the weekend before last, I went to the Bird Park with Tracy, Gordon and Baby Rachel. It was hot as hell but helluva exciting when a bunch of birds started clawing at our hair and climbing all over us. Of course one of the birds went Number 1 on me so I had to have a dunk in the pool with the God kids later that day.

"YAY, this rules! I am the bird whisperer!"

 photo IMG_6406.jpg

"Guys, get it off me. I don't like this anymore. It's eating my necklace.
Still gonna take a selfie tho. #birdsgotswagger"

 photo IMG_6424.jpg

"Guys, seriously."

 photo IMG_6377.jpg

What else? I watched the Wolf of Wallstreet - my satchel. What a rollicking ride that was. My eyes are scarred. Other than that, I don't really have any more news. Tall One and I are escaping to the Berg this weekend with a bunch of mates. Pandy's also coming with so sh*ts gonna get real! Hope you have excellent weekends! x

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