Wednesday, January 8

The ubiquitous 2014 goals post!

Word! I have been reading everyone's "2014 Goals and Resolutions" posts which have been mega inspiring. I however, have not been able to write one because I have been in denial that the holiday season is officially over for me. But after five days back at work, I have finally accepted this cold fact. So long holidays. You were epic. Especially epic because...well, I'm not sure how I engineered this but I hardly ran any errands this holiday. Or did anything for that matter! Maybe it was because I had the cold from heck? Maybe it was because I thought, "Hot dog remnants on the floor? No worries! Filthy mud-fossilised car? It's all gooooood." I literally spent the entire holidays chilling bar the odd bit of stationery organising spring cleaning. I didn't entertain anyone (bar Tall One who is happy to play Angry Birds on my bed for nine hours - also, I like saying 'bar') and I had a super thrifty Christmas. I am so happy to belong to a family that doesn't expect fifty zillion gifts. Three for two deals for all!

But..I suppose one must get with the programme and scribble one's 2014 goals and dreams. I for one, am not a list person. I do try with them from time to time. If work is especially nuclear, I will make a list but otherwise, I tend to wing things! (Everyone who I work with - you did not read that. I will buy you all marshmallow fish tomorrow if we just pretend I never wrote that.) So yes, I am clearly missing the 'list' gene that all other girls seem to possess.

I'm sure it horrifies Tall One who is the most methodical, logical, analytical human on the planet. He has a spreadsheet for literally everything. I am pretty sure he is tracking my PMS. Overshare. Carrying on.

I am much more of a visual creature. Last year, I started a secret Pinterest Board of my 2013 Hopes and Dreams. Bless my socks. This thing actually worked wonders for me. I dipped into it throughout the year and felt immensely chuffed to see that I was ticking things off.

So for the sake of giving some semblance to my 2014 Pinterest Board, herewith the DL* of my 2014 Goals.

*Mom - that stands for 'download.' But don't worry, I still say words like 'herewith.'

- The standard lose-five-kilos immediately. I am currently obsessed with Lauren Brimley's Eating Whole (@eating_whole) Instagram. I screen-shot her meals for inspiration. I was EXTREMELY excited to make spaghetti squash until Tall One explained to me that this is not the beloved gem squash that us Saffers know and love. Can we buy spaghetti squash here? Lauren also recently steered me towards Casey Ho's Instagram (@blogilates) - this looks like a life-changer! As an aside, I really miss Lauren's personal blog. She was one of my faves. I interviewed her once for Gloss. 

- Move into a bigger home. One with at least an actual bedroom. I am over operating out of a studio. I do literally everything in my bed. It's not as saucy as it sounds. While in new home, buy some furniture and appliances. I rent all these things but I suppose I should actually own some one day. Anyone planning a New Year chuck out? Give me a call! I'll take that daggy sofa off your hands. #secondhandforlyfe

- Thiiiiiiinking of having a little photography exhibition but am terrified that no one will be remotely interested in it. Over Twitter, a few of you said I should go for it which was very encouraging. But what if no one actually comes? Hey ho, YOLO.

- Make every weekend feel like a little holiday! To be fair, I usually am on weekend missions but towards the end of last year, my weekends degenerated into 'eat-sleep-read ten thousand instagrams - repeat.' So, I am keen to explore our local sights as much as possible. Bring on the bird park! Wow, that sounds lame. (Am genuinely excited for the BP, none the less.)

- Two years ago I decided to only blog when I had the time/inclination to. At the dawn of Gloss, I blogged because I was excited to share things but after some positive feedback - which was lovely - I suddenly felt this pressure to always be blogging. Then I decided to remove all the pressure and I started blogging less. You know what happened? Just what I thought! My readership plummeted. The comments stopped rolling in. No one new added me on Twitter. Lols. But I didn't care! Over the last two years, I have only blogged when I've genuinely been excited to share something/had the time to share it. I wish I could snap pics all day and blog more often but I don't have the time anymore and that's ok. I often read posts like, "Tips for blogging if you don't the time for it...." Here's my tip: Don't blog if you don't have time! And don't worry about it. I get the worry because I still worry sometimes but I know that I will always blog the special stuff and on the mundane days, I'd rather be glugging vino with my friends or snugging Tall One.

And lastly, my word for the year is simplify! But more on that another time. I'm so bored from writing this list. Did anyone read all of this? If so, you're a champ!

I can't think of any other goals so I'm going to bath and listen to some more of Michael Mcintyre's audiobook "Life and Laughing." It's a right lol. x

PS: I wanted to fill this post with inspirational quotes and cr@p but the bubbles are calling me.

PPS: I feel that I should tell you that I have in fact cleaned my flat and I will be going to the car wash this weekend. I am not as gross as that first paragraph makes me out to be!
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