Wednesday, January 1

Crocs, burgers and old stuff!

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you all had a great evening? We noshed pasta, watched Seinfeld and headed out to see the fireworks at midnight. A pretty perfect New Years in my books! This morning, Tall One and I decided that we had to get out of bed and do something fun after trying to rest off our colds over the last couple of days. We headed off on a gentle drive through Hillcrest but ended up going on an epic adventure that included three of my favourite things - animals, food and thrifting! Such a brilliant start to the New Year! I mixed the photos together for added randomness. x

 photo IMG_4833.jpg
 photo IMG_4753.jpg photo IMG_4824.jpg photo IMG_4758.jpg photo IMG_4817.jpg photo IMG_4799.jpg photo IMG_4815.jpg photo IMG_4788.jpg photo IMG_4838.jpg photo IMG_4776.jpg photo IMG_4846.jpg photo IMG_4778.jpg photo IMG_4849.jpg photo IMG_4805.jpg photo IMG_4795.jpg photo IMG_4821.jpg photo IMG_4808.jpg photo IMG_4841.jpg photo IMG_4761.jpg photo IMG_4819.jpg

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