Tuesday, December 31

Alex and the animals

Yesterday, Anni and I took little Alex to the animal farm. He loved the swings. HATED the sheep. Got such a fright every time it went "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" But then he marched up to it like a brave little man and we gave it some feed. Well friends, it's New Year's Eve! Hope you've all had a lush festive season? Tall One and I are battling off colds so we are celebrating by sticking up glow-in-the-dark stars in my flat and making videos of flying pandas. It's gonna be a cracker.  x

 photo IMG_4690.jpg photo IMG_4724-1.jpg photo IMG_4650.jpg photo IMG_4738.jpg photo IMG_4660.jpg photo IMG_4726-1.jpg photo IMG_4688.jpg photo IMG_4702.jpg photo IMG_4666-1.jpg photo IMG_4742.jpg photo IMG_4718.jpg photo IMG_4682-1.jpg photo IMG_4655.jpg photo IMG_4686.jpg
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