Friday, December 27

Panda's Crimbo in Cobham!

Ahoy! Here are some of the pics from our phones. As you can see, a certain someone kept photobombing us, scaling my Savanas and running round the fire with his underpants on his head. 

 photo 20131224_173747.jpg photo 20131224_161920.jpg photo 20131224_181310.jpg photo panda1.png photo IMG_5641.jpg photo 20131224_173826.jpg
I've created a monster. After he spotted me taking a selfie, he wouldn't stop. photo 20131224_180018-1.jpg
Making friends with Shadowfax. ('Scuse the ombre looking like dodgy regrowth)
 photo 20131224_173250-1.jpg
 photo 20131224_173304.jpg
 photo IMG_5634.jpg
 photo 20131224_161943.jpg
What I look like snapping pics. I seriously need a pair of overalls as I am usually crawling around in grass and weeds reeds. photo IMG_4616-1.jpg
He invited us to a tea party but he'd laced the mince pies with voddies!  photo panda2fw.png
 photo IMG_5632-1.jpg
Eish, just seen that little one is up to his old tricks in the background.
 photo 20131225_183618.jpg photo 20131224_173058.jpg
And that was Panda's Crimbo in Cobham!
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