Thursday, December 26

Christmas in Cobham

Jon and I decided to head to the hills for Christmas! We jammed carols by candlelight (so romantic and yet so disturbing as every moth in the mountains flew into them), got caught in a storm (I know Jon was secretly thinking 'Yeeessss!' He lives for a good storm. I was thinking 'My hair cameraaaaa'), swam in the icy river and by swam I mean, I half drowned Jon while trying to avoid being washed down a "waterfall", found ourselves in the midst of a traditional African Christmas which included Jon being handed a baby to look after (random but true), returned the baby, lazed in the sun, saw a double rainbow (epic), met some American hikers and petted the horses. I also conquered my fear of dodgy rope bridges by...crossing one! Special thanks to Jon for kindly stopping the car every time I saw some flowers on the side of the road. I must have looked ridic running down the back alleys of Himeville snapping rusting fences but what can I say, I love a good fence. Hope you all had a relaxing day yesterday? We took loads of pics on our phones too which I'll post next. (Some dicey selfies may be more interesting than a million tree snaps? I'm not sure!) x

 photo IMG_4341.jpg photo IMG_4389.jpg photo IMG_4404.jpg photo IMG_4323.jpg photo IMG_4434.jpg photo IMG_4387.jpg photo IMG_4398.jpg photo IMG_4489.jpg photo IMG_4481.jpg photo IMG_4475.jpg photo IMG_4506.jpg photo IMG_4435-1.jpg photo IMG_4561.jpg photo IMG_4357.jpg photo IMG_4515.jpg photo IMG_4630.jpg photo IMG_4373.jpg photo IMG_4465.jpg photo IMG_4346.jpg photo IMG_4453.jpg photo IMG_4510.jpg photo IMG_4383.jpg photo IMG_4332.jpg photo IMG_4369-1.jpg photo IMG_4333.jpg

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