Monday, March 26

My Saturday in Instagram

Oi, another Instagram post – not a DSLR snap in sight! I felt like taking it easy on Saturday which meant the Canon had to stay at home.

From top to bottom: Stripy jimjams for the win! Iced coffee and the paper at the deli. Climbing a tree in my folk’s back yard. I’m a bit obsessed with taking pics of trees. Cuddling the dogs. I asked my mom to have a bash at working out Mumford and Sons on piano. I just love the piano parts in Dustbowl Dance. (Mad song name!) I collected my old classical guitar so it can live with me now. Hanging with my bro who was down from Jozi. Popped into Cath’s afterwards and watched SATC. Then went to have drinks with some friends at Andy’s house where we cuddled Fat Cat. Later, my brother and I went to meet some friends at Columbo Coffee Roastery to watch bands – including my absolute fave SA band – Thomas Krane. Then I went home and made eggs and soldiers while the daisies kept me company. Afterwards I crawled into bed and watched Shirley Valentine which my mom had lent to me. I’d always wanted to watch it and it was brilliant! All in all, a very nice Saturday. Hope you guys had a good one too? x

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