Wednesday, March 28

I brought you flours (and a dodgy blog)

New blog followers, what have I done to deserve you? This blog is dying. The regulars know it. I know it. Haha. No, I'm just on a blogging breather...I say that all the time. Ever since I moved into my own spot and incurred a million new expenses, my spare time is spent like this: freelance in evenings, freelance on weekends, play a bit of guitar, drink a glass of wine, derp around at a friend's house, read Rage comics (where have you been all my life?), sleep, eat a baked potato, freelance some more, sleep, take a bath, watch movies. It doesn't make for scintillating blogging! But hey ho...I'll just bung up some random bits when I get a chance. I rewatched Stranger than Fiction the other night (check out the effort that went into these screem shots!) and decided that Mugato being sensitive = best movie moment ever. Love this scene. And I love the song he plays. 


And that guys, is how you pull a chick! Sorry if you've never seen this scene before and I just spoilt the whole thing. Ha.
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