Tuesday, March 20

Um, Instagram!

What is this? Instagram pics on Gloss? Yup - long story short, I got an iPhone. My erm, one-year dream of having Instagram in my life has been attained! And we're in love. I can't walk two feet without snapping something. Random rock? Bring it on. The garage shop? Sure, you'll look cool in sepia! Can't say I'm loving the iPhone keypad though. Takes me about ten minutes to tap in a text! So you can find me on Instagram under GlossaryLauren. Below: my new boots! / A sleepy me in the morning / The view from my flat which I love so much / Pencils / Coffee in the office / My grumpy owl which Nadia wants to pinch. Ha. / New sandals (Three of my fave pairs of shoes broke in two weeks!) / My minty Diana. Plenty more random pics to be snapped soon. x

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