Monday, August 1

Shop le blogge!

'Sup guys! I recently decided to start a little blog shop (never one to be left off a bandwagon!) for those days when I'm feeling skint or just in the mood for a spring clean! Usually I donate stuff or sell it for a smallish price to thrift shops but I wanted to have a place where I could sell the items that have been a bit more special to me. I'm only flogging pieces that are still in good nick - not a broken button or zip in sight! I've tried to give as much info as possible as far as brands and sizes go. Where possible, I've also included the original price I payed for an item. If they sell, sweet, if they don't, I shall take it as a sign to keep them! I've decided to post anywhere but that'll cost ya a bit extra. We can arrange delivery/collection over email. I can't promise to update it often but hey ho, we'll see how we go! You can have a browse around here. Thanks in advance for taking a peek!

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